Run Faster, Stronger, Smarter.

**September 1st 2020
Enrolment closes on:
August 9th!
**We reserve the right to close bookings early when the course is full.

Transform your running times in 2020

with Adam 'Tango' Holland.

The Faster, Stronger, Smarter online running challenge is open for September 2020 entry! 
Yes, after 13 years of runners asking me how: How do I can get faster during a 10 marathons in 10 days, how do I compete over a range of distances, I've created an online course with bespoke training plans and online videos to allow you to progress in your running.
For runners looking to deep-dive into my techniques, strategies and training plans- across multiple distances, I look forward to welcoming you into the members only area for my online course Faster, Stronger, Smarter, in what I think will be a truly transformative experience! This next enrolment is the second time the course will run in 2020. See previous course members' testimonals in the tab above.
Not only will I be supporting you on your running journey, I will also be right there alongside you, via phone calls, online webinars and email, plus I will be using the training with you, to achieve my goals in 2020 and beyond.
My next aim will be to get faster and run further before taking on some long distance 2021 challenges, and maybe another Guinness World Record...
What will your goal be??
I am very excited to get going with the second training group and I am adding in maximum value:
  • Yes you will be getting live video chats directly with me.
  • Yes your training questions will be answered every week.
  • Yes, I will be there to support you as much as you need, alongside the community here at Run It Your Way.
  • Yes you will have access to your own training plan and the Run It Your Way community plus some online videos to help guide you through!
Uniquely, not only will you have direct access to me but advice from Physiotherapist, James Armstrong. He will be featuring in the online course video modules.
So, what's stopping you from achieving your goals?
Let's do this in 2020!
Adam  :) 

*Sept 2020 

12 week challenge

*Limited places left 

2020 OFFER:

Only £99.99

Most Requested
New for 2020!
  • The essential 12 week course to support your goals in breaking that personal record in 2020!

  • Learn how to run faster times across different distances with your own bespoke training plan.

  • Have exclusive access to how to videos and tips to improve your running.

  • Gain direct access to Adam with weekly catch ups and training advice just for you.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to run faster

  • Learn how to avoid injuries during training.

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes.

  • Learn skills you wish you'd known about earlier.

  • Learn how to achieve big results through smarter running, whether you are a regular runner or a pro.

Smashing my Personal Best: Lochness Marathon: 2:24:24