Run Faster, Stronger, Smarter.

**Jan 2020
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Transform your 

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with Adam 'Tango' Holland.

Smashing my Personal Best: Lochness Marathon: 2:24:24

*Jan 2020 12 week course

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New for 2020!
  • The essential 12 week course to support your goals in breaking that personal record in 2020!

  • Learn how to run faster times across different distances with your own bespoke training plan.

  • Gain direct access to Adam with weekly catch ups and training advice just for you.

  • BONUS: Two live online sessions to discuss how to avoid injury and bespoke advice for you with Adam's go-to coach James Armstrong; with over 10 years experience, Tavistock AC Head Coach and soon to be Physiotherapist, James has a passion for keeping runners running.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to run faster

  • Learn how to avoid injuries during training.

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes.

  • Learn skills you wish you'd known about earlier.

  • Learn how to achieve big results through smarter running, whether you are a regular runner or a pro.