A new Guinness World Record: Fastest Half Marathon Run on a Treadmill

Earlier this spring, confined to my treadmill during the 2020 lockdown,

I decided to entertain myself by seeing if I could unofficially break some treadmill Guinness World Records.


One of the records I managed to break was the Fastest Treadmill Half Marathon (Official Record: 1:10:42). In the cool conditions of my Isolation Garage, and following on from completing my own course (Faster, Stronger, Smarter), I managed to run a 1:03:37 half marathon. 

Following on from this, I asked Guinness World Records if I could officially try to smash all three treadmill records- the half marathon, marathon and 50k. They agreed and were happy to moderate on the day.

So, on the 30th May 2020, I attempted just that. However, the weather was not on my side. The day was the hottest of the year and my garage soon turned into a sauna. I officially called it a day at 22k, but not before beating the treadmill half marathon record in a new Guinness World Record time of 1:10:07.

I was disappointed that I couldn't repeat the times I had achieved earlier on that spring, but of course, I am going to be back on that treadmill and attempting all three records once more as soon as the cooler weather returns! 

So watch this space! ​