Meet Tim...













"Exe Couch Runner, the run group I help to lead locally, challenged me to run 6.2 km in 37.30.

My first thought was, how the heck do I manage that!

How will I keep myself going and at that pace!

My short distance times had gradually slowed with doing so many long-distance runs.

It was time to ask for help and the one person I knew that could get me the time and keep encouraging me to make the time was Adam!


He instantly agreed, we met up and went through a plan of pace and then we were off!

The final run was great, yes it was hard and I pushed myself but with Adam’s help I got under my target time and finished with a smile, well once I managed to catch my breath again!

When we finished, I had done 6.5km in a time of 34.52. Thank you so much Adam for your support and confidence in me to get to my target. If you can help me get a sub 4.30 marathon then that would be a miracle".

Adam 'Tango' Holland supports Tim to achieve a faster running time.

Meet Jon...

100 Marathon Club member, regular sub 3 marathon and ultra marathon runner.

Aim sub 2:50 marathon but at least run sub 3 London Marathon.


"Having Adam run alongside me at the London Marathon was a real honour and privilege.

Adam has been someone who I've admired and been inspired by since I first met him. He is extremely talented and does great things within running. Unlike most people with his talent, Adam is extremely humble about it. He is always willing to help and support other runners. Throughout the run, he kept giving me encouragement and kept me from running at too fast a pace, which is an easy mistake to make at the start.

At every mile, there was at least one person that knew Adam- shouting out his name.

I think he was next person with the most supporters after Mo Farah.


It was great though, to see how many people he has reached out to and inspired. It gave me boost, as I was lucky enough that Adam was taking the time to support me when he could of easily ran much faster despite only just completing JOGLE, 3 weeks beforehand.


The last 10k for me is where Adam really made a difference. I could see my chances of a 2:50 marathon were beyond me and my legs felt heavy. However, Adam kept pushing, giving me encouragement. I finished in 2:57:28, not a PB but still extremely happy to run my 3rd consecutive sub 3.

If Adam hadn't been there with me, there's a good chance I may of missed out on a sub 3.

Thank you Adam, you are a true legend and inspiration".

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