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Welcome to the Start Line. How far will you go?

The Faster, Stronger, Smarter online running course is fully booked for January 2020 but here you can discover an ever expanding library of free resources that I think will help you to become a happy, fulfilled runner.
Yes, after 13 years of runners asking me how I can get faster during a 10 marathons in 10 days, how I can compete over a range of distances, I've created an online course and free learning materials to allow you to progress in your running.
For runners looking to deep-dive into my techniques, strategies and training plans- across multiple distances, I look forward to welcoming you into the members only area for my online course Faster, Stronger, Smarter, in what I think will be a truly transformative experience! The next enrolment will be announced via my email list in 2020.
Not only will I be supporting you on your running journey, I will also be right there alongside you, via phone calls, online webinars and email plus I will be using the training with you, to achieve my goals in 2020 and beyond.
My next aim will be to get faster and shoot for a third win at the next Logicom Cyrpus Marathon in March 2020 before taking on the 20 marathons in 20 days.
What will your goal be??
I am very excited to get feedback and I am adding in maximum value:
  • Yes you will be getting live video chats directly with me.
  • Yes your training questions will be answered every week.
  • Yes, I will be there to support you as much as you need, alongside the community here at Run It Your Way.
  • Yes there will be training videos, downloadable content and you will have access to your own training plan and the Run It Your Way community.
Uniquely, not only will you have direct access to me but also to my go-to coach for injury prevention, and soon to be Physiotherapist, James Armstrong.
He will be joining me during the course to answer your injury prevention questions and he'll feature in the online course video modules.
So, what's stopping you from achieving your goals?
Let's do this in 2020!
Adam  :) 

A Quick Start Guide to faster running.

Meet James Armstrong...

Meet Adam's coach and go-to guy on injury prevention and training advice. Enrol for the full 12 week course and he will be available for you too.





Fear of injury - is it holding you back? 

Join Adam and James Armstrong, Head Coach at Tavistock AC, on the track. Learn how to warm up before a run in this quick start session and discover some of the ways Adam warms up before a race.

Outcomes: Become less fearful of injury and gain confidence in your own capabilities.

      Bonus Track Chat. Adam discusses his ways of avoiding injury.

















Running shoes! Are you an addict?

Do you have the latest, fastest trainers?

Filmed at the famous RunVenture shop and running hub cafe, we bring you an after-hours shoe chat/possible debate (!) and geek out with Adam, James Armstrong and RunVenture Director, top-level fell runner and former Royal Marine, Colin Kirk-Potter. 

Outcomes: Learn about the different types of racing shoe, what might work best for you and some key considerations to avoid the hype from the facts.


During enrolment week there will be a questions and answers video with Adam for those looking for more advice and for runners enrolling on the 12 week course to get faster times in 2020.

                 MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR



So, you're on the start line... but are you actually ready? 

Join Adam on the start line, to find out how he decides on his game plan, his mental strategies and top tips to give you the edge on your competition and to have a more enjoyable, faster race.

Outcomes: Gain confidence through preparation and learn how to maximise your chances of a faster time.




Bonus : Buying the right running shoes- avoid these myths.

Join Colin Kirk-Potter, founder of RunVenture and James Armstrong at the famous RunVenture Running Hub HQ  as they discuss 'corrective' shoes and what you need to know before making that purchase.

Join Adam and James on the track as they talk you through some warm up exercises in this quick start guide.
Track chat with Adam and James as they talk about injury and remembering to enjoy running.
Join Adam at the infamous Run Venture Running Hub in Tavistock, Devon, as he chats all things shoes with owner and fell runner, Colin Kirk-Potter.
Run Faster in 2020 with Adam 'Tango' Holland. Join him on his first online course.
Welcome to your new PB
Join James Armstrong and founder of Run Venture Running Hub, Colin Kirk-Potter as they discuss 'corrective' shoes and what to look out for before buying your next pair.